Who we are?


The Miss Nation contest is meant to find real natural beauties who serve as an example with their appearance and way of thinking - not only for their nations, but for the entire world. Apart from the standard international criteria (height, physique, face, hair, smile etc.) other aspects will be taken into consideration as well. We put special emphasis on having contestants who have knowledge and pride relating their national traditions.

What we do?


Our contest policy sets the application age limit between 21 and 28 years. The lower age limit of 21 is important because girls younger than that would have difficulties coping with the sudden popularity that winning the contest brings along; only an adult woman can confidently handle the commitments of a journey of constant exposure.

Why are we good?


We believe that a Beauty Queen is a role model for the entire society, that’s why our goal is to choose a queen who can be a role model for the younger generation, her nation, and the entire world . The contestants, regardless of their religion and ethnicity, have a high level of patriotism and care about their culture and mother tongue. They have thorough knowledge of their country’s history, geography, and are aware of their national traditions. Their views are family-centred and are interested in their local national gastronomy.


Our Goal

Our goal is that each beauty queen promotes her country’s values, tourism, attractions, gastronomy and traditions. Aside from celebrating beauty, we have the mission of getting the world familiar with the treasures of all countries, however large or small. The beauty queens promote the #stayU campaign that calls the young girls attention to natural beauty and natural values. The local contests are organized in each participating countries. Thereafter, beauty queens represent their countries and values in the international contest. It is important to emphasize that this contest is not only about looks, but also about national pride, without which there is no true beauty queen. We are looking forward to nation’s applications who would like to represent themselves with a beauty queen and would host the local Miss Nation.

MissNation 2021 application has started!